I'd love to have a big wood fired hearth oven but that's just not happening anytime soon. In the past I've used Pizza stones to approximate the same but after a while they crack and can be a bit expensive ($25) to replace. They also don't fit my oven since they're round and for the same reason only allow one pizza per stone to be cooked. What I've really been looking for was one large square pizza stone that would better cover the rack and allow me to cook several pizzas at a time. I've found a few square stones but strangely they don't fit my standard sized oven very well. It baffles me as to why someone wouldn't make it the same size as the oven. Maybe cost is the reason, it usually is.

Another option is a full hearth kit for the oven which provides stone walls and lining but costs a lot more money. My solution for now is to line the shelves of the oven with unglazed quarry tiles. I need to trim a little off one line of tiles to get it to fit and I'm also going to attach them somehow to a sheet of metal so they'll all remain flat when I have them in. I'm thinking of picking up the cheapest unrimmed cookie sheet for this purpose and using Kent HT silicone (food safe and withstands heat to 600 degrees). I paid $10 for enough quarry tiles to cover two racks so I may even experiment with a double layer of tiles to hold more heat. A hearth kit for $20 and a little elbow grease, not bad.