It's been a while for a food posting (OK, more than a while) but I've been busy. I've not started cooking again yet but that's coming up possibly on Wednesday when we cook Chicken Marsala, Rosemarry Roasted Potatoes and Baguette slices fried in Olive Oil then spread with Truffle infused Chevre. For now you'll just need to be OK with photos of meals others have prepared for us.

We recently went to Vancouver B.C. which has a more cosmopoliton feel than Seattle and hunted down a Persian restaurant that had Fesenjan - one of our all time favorite dishes. Fesenjan which I've talked about before is a decadant dish that not everyone likes of braised meat in a walnut and pomegranet sauce. It's a bit tart and sweet at the same time but definately unforgettable if you have it. The first time I had Korscht-e fesenjan I loved it but the problem is finding a decent rendition of it. In Seattle we only have a couple of Persian joints and neither make a truly great fesenjan. Darchin in downtown Vancouver doesn't do too bad a job. It's a bit tart and a little pasty so I think they needed to let the walnuts sweat a bit more but overall very nice.



For dessert I had a classic Persian dessert called Faloodeh which is a sorbet made with very fine vermicelli noodles frozen with corn starch, rose water, lime juice sometimes pistachios. I gave my mother a small taste and her face squinched up and she almost spit it out. I later asked her why and she couldn't say, she just didn't like the taste. Natalya really liked it and helped me finish it off.

To mee the flavor was mostly that of lime juice and rose water. The noodles are there for texture. I didn't think the flavor was overpowering but of course after the fesenjan anything seems mild.