About Grant McWilliams

I'm a college computer science professor and CEO of Sound Linux Training and Consulting - a Seattle based company that does training and consulting work for global fortune 500 corporations. I'm a software engineer, product developer, instructor and technical writer.

I also run Recessionchef.com a sounding board for an upcoming book named The Recession Chef. My latest venture is Edu Live Online an interactive online training company syncretically combining the advantages of instructor led training with distance learning.

This site (grantmcwilliams.com) is my personal site where I talk about all of the other things that interest me. On the side I'm a Travel Writer, Food Critic, Amateur Chef, Philosopher, Photographer and Technology geek. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter listed below. 

The caricature to the right (which looks exactly like me) was drawn by some unknown Indian artist at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Interestingly enough he was an Indian Chef who had a restaurant in London but found out he could just sit in front of the Museum in Paris and draw caricatures and make the same amount of money without the stress. I wish I'd gotten some recipes from him.

About the Man, the Myth, the Legend

 I was in Provence quite some time ago and I saw this old guy with a t-shirt that said "Bob, the  man, the myth, the legend" and I thought it was hilarious. I didn't see his name so it probably wasn't Bob but no matter it was still funny. So having said that, welcome to the Grant McWilliams, the man, the myth the legend website! Listed below is what you'll find here.


We travel a bit and every time we leave home I have my kids keep a journal. Just to be fair I also keep a journal in the form of a travel blog . I also upload gazillions of photos that I take along the way which can be found in the Travel Photos gallery . I just started a Travel blog which will be different than the Journals. A journal is just that, it's a day to day account of each of our expeditions. The travel blog is my random thoughts about travel. I might gab about cool new travel toys or tips that might make your travels easier.


I love food, period. I cook a lot and I eat a lot. You'd think I'd be about 400 lbs by now but out of some miracle I'm not. Anyway I have a Recipe book, Photo Gallery of food that I've eaten or cooked, a food blog and a resource page with links to other food sites. The cookbook is pretty rough and I'll undoubtedly be spending some time rewriting the code underneath it because there are a lot of features I'd like to have that don't yet exist like automatic conversion between metric and imperial units and printable output. Also see recessionchef.com for more food posts aimed at eating well on a budget.


The by-product of traveling is that you end up seeing a lot and want to keep a record so you remember it. The easiest way of doing this is by taking pictures. There are a small number pictures that I especially like so I've created a portfolio of sorts and a photography blog where I ramble about what I'm learning and the equipment I use.


Technology is my life and job. I have a tech blog that's for general tech news. Quite a lot of it will be centered around Linux and open source since that's primarily what I use these days. I also have a Project blog and a downloads section for, well, downloads. Watch the Project Blog for updates


The name of this section will probably change as soon as I decide what it should be called. Currently it's the container for some typology and philosophy writings. Neither of these classify strictly as psychology hence the questioning of the name. The Jungian Type category has a 5 minute type test as well as some introductory documents written by myself. In the future it will be the all-singing all-dancing type resource. I also have some philosophical ramblings about life including at least one full chapter from my yet to be finished book Miscellaneous Ramblings of the Typological Self. Also I discuss my religion (Grantianity ) and some short bits of wisdom that I've referenced as Grantisms .


Contacting me via Social Networking:

You can reach me several ways. Twitter for me these days is just for tweeting my articles and not much more.. Google+ is where it's at! I've also included my LinkedIn profile in case you want to throw lots of money at me.


Google+:  http://gplus.to/grantmcwilliams

Twitter:  twitter.com/#!/grantmcwilliams

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/grantmcwilliams

Github: https://github.com/grantmcwilliams