Since I'm back from holiday I've been putting a little time into again. My main interest is in making it less confusing, tweaking settings, and adding content. I still have a few issues with the setup like not being able to point a menu item (left side menu) directly to a photo gallery so instead you get the top level gallery and have to click on the category (travel, food etc..) in order to get to what you thought you were getting in the first place.

This means you need to click far too many times which adds to confusion. I've had people ask me to show them how to get around my site. That's bad news. Anyway it will get simpler and more clearly laid out as I have time to work on it.

Also Joomla 1.5 is about out so I'll be migrating at some point. This means a learning curve for me and issues getting the site to migrate. I'll be doing this on a backup virtual site so as to make it transparent for the users.