My Personal Nokia Apps


Apps I can't live without

  1. Canola2
  2. Canola Tuning
  3. Canola2-youtube-plugin
  4. Maemopadplus
  5. gpe-calender
  6. gpe-todo
  7. gpesummary
  8. erminig
  9. mplayer
  10. openssh
  11. openssh-client
  12. openssh-server
  13. osso-xterm
  14. personal-menu
  15. skype
  16. wizard-mounter
  17. wifiinfo
  18. flashblock-webaddon
  19. load-applet

Apps that I have installed and that I use on occasion


  1. crazyparking
  2. bomberman
  3. fbreader
  4. addblock-plus-webaddon
  5. Pidgin
  6. bzip2
  7. camera
  8. diskusage
  9. eightyone
  10. english-us-dictionary
  11. fmradio
  12. gpe-contacts
  13. gpe-filemanager
  14. maemo-recorder
  15. mediastreamer
  16. mnotify
  17. ogg-support
  18. omweather
  19. pwsafe
  20. streamtuner
  21. videocenter
  22. xgalaga
  23. maemo-mapper
  24. usbcontrol

Apps that I'm trying out


  1. Additional Pidgin preferences
  2. dcraw
  3. gourmet
  4. gpodder
  5. microb-spellchecker
  6. xournal
  7. youamp

Unresolved wants and needs

  1. Canola needs to start faster and stop quicker
  2. Canola needs to tune into radio stations like streamtuner so I don't have to enter them by hand
  3. Canola needs to list podcast directories so I can just browse and subscribe
  4. RSS feed reader needs to save feeds locally
  5. Canola, gpodder and anything else that plays podcasts has to get them all from the same config file
  6. Eminig needs to sync automatically or at least from the command prompt so I can cron it - and faster
  7. Maemo Chat needs to handle all protocols so I can get rid of Pidgin
  8. Skype needs to do video chat so I can get rid of Gizmo (or at least not install it)
  9. Camera needs to not be a piece of crap. How hard is it to make a reliable piece of software that can take a picture, view, save and email?
  10. Maemopadplus needs to handle my pdfs. I like the expanding menu but I'd like to have the same thing for organizing my docs
  11. omweather needs to use a different service that reliably lists weather- imagine that!
  12. All of it needs to be more integrated and pollished.
  13. All apps need to let the user decide where to store data!!!