I found this online today and think that it just might be what I’ve been looking for. It only weighs 4.4 ozs a

nd stores 4400 mAh at 3.7volts. It also provides 6 volts and 8.4 volts as well for devices that need more voltage.

It has about 30 tips to connect litererally hundreds of devices. I takes about 3hrs to charge from the wall socket or about 4hrs from USB. This is great for me because I could leave yet another wall wart at home and just plug in my laptop and charge it with that. Then when I’m out on a plane or train I could use it to power other things. I’m not sure it would help with my camera because my current one relies on batteries but in the future maybe.


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The PowerPal All-in-One Rechargable Battery!

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Looks good!