BBQ pasta?

I haven't posted any new food pics lately because I've been out of town and busy working but I've been cooking none the less. There is a restaurant in Kirkland called Cafe Veloce that makes a wonderful bbq pasta. Weird, I know but it's good, you'll just have to believe me on this one. The first bite you think "that's odd", then you take another and it turns to "that's not bad" and the next bite your senses are peaked more and so on until you can't stop and you've eaten the whole thing which is a lot. The problem is Kirkland is too far for me to drive everytime I want to eat it so I've set out to recreate it in The man, The myth, The legend kitchen and the first picture are in. I'll have the recipe later when I'm happy with it.

Ingredients are your basic penne (or in my case mostaccioli), grilled chicken, green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, crimini mushrooms, red onion, garlic, tomato paste and a smattering of different barbecue sauces mixed. Even though I got close by mixing Bone Sucking BBQ sauce and Armadillo BBQ (both local I think to this region) I'm close but not satisfied so I will in the future create the bbq sauce from scatch since it's not that hard anyway.

Stay tuned.