One of my fovorite Italian dishes to fix doesn't have noodles or a red sauce. It's popular in the south where they don'tchicken-marsala have access to the heavy cremes and cheeses of the north. The Marsala wine was actually created by a Brit living in Sicily at the time and longed for his ports that he'd become accustomed to having in England so he added spirits to a local wine and created Marsala. The first time I had good Marsala was at Luigi's Grotto in Pioneer square (now named DeNunzios). Luigi fixed up a Pork Marsala that made me want to lick the plate. Since then I've set out to recreate that and have also tried Marsala sauces at many Italian resaurants but have now given up. Marsala seems to be similar to the Mexican Mole sauces in that they're wonderful but few know how to do a good on. Anyway mines better than any restaurant outside of Luigi's and I can't really compare to that now because it's been too long. I need to revisit Luigi's Marsala to see how mine stacks up.

The recipe is now up - Chicken Marsala