I've installed the Superblogger plugin for my site and things look promising but there are issues. This is a general plea for patience from you my faithful viewers.

Over the course of the next week I will as I get time be tweaking the operations of the blogging plugin. I've noticed that formatting on articles has gone screwy which I'll fix later today (I hope). Also as an experiment comments will be handled by Disqus (pronounced discuss).

This means you can register for an account on Disqus and comment on many blogs and sites using that account as apposed to having accounts on each and every site. I've never required registration to comment because I hate that. I don't like having to register for a site just to leave one comment so I won't ask this of you. We'll see how well Disqus handles spam as I seen no captcha. Also another added functionality is being able to tweet the article. I'll be playing with that too in addition to formatting improvements, article ratings and tags (praise the lord!). Also if you have an avatar from Gravatar and you register on my site with the same email address it will use that.

So for now be patient, I'm working on improvements. I don't post very many new articles because I've been wanting to make these changes (especially tagging). Once I have my reviews component working great and blogging tweaked you can expect many more updates to the site.