We haven't had Moussaka for quite a while and we had a decent Cab Sauv in the fridge going to waste (along with lamb in the freezer) so Natalya made Moussaka tonight. We usually use my Côtes du Rhône blend in the Moussaka but always welcome a change. I'd planned on making pita bread for dinner but picked up some packaged pita at Zam Zam the local Indian/Pakistan/everythingstan market for $1.19 which is pretty cheap. Even though I still planned on making Pita sometimes I get home and just don't have the motivation to spend two hrs making bread so eating the packaged pita was the fallback plan.

As usual dinner is a family event with Piper making the Bechamel sauce, I made the Pita bread and Natalya made the bulk of the Moussaka. Jade provided cleanup duty. The recipe is getting pretty good so it will be going up on this site soon. I also liked the Pita a lot. I used 1/3 wheat flower and 2/3 white flour for a nice mix. I cooked them on the pizza stone at 500 degrees F under the broiler and all puffed up in about 1 minute flat. Prep time for the Pita bread was about 2 hrs because you have to let it rise. Total cost for 8 Pita was 42 cents (not including electricity) plus the price of a TBS of farm honey which I don't know the price of. I'd estimate that I paid half to make Pita over buying them at the cheapest place in town. Compare the 42 cents to $1.19 and they're a good deal but compare them to $2.99-$3.99 at the grocery and they become a great deal.

Natalya and Jade wasn't so hot on the idea of having 1/3 wheat bread but I'm still playing with that. Ingredients for the Pita were White flour, wheat flour, honey, olive oil, yeast and salt. I however thought they were excellent and I ate two dipped in tzatziki sauce. The Tzatziki needs work as it came out too cucumberish and not yogurtish. We've made this a bunch of times but always forget to write down the recipe that we like the best.

So stayed tuned, the Moussaka will be going into the online recipebook here at grantmcwilliams.com and the Pita recipe will go up after the next time I make them. I'd like a white pita too for my wonderbread kids. Oh, and from the photo to the right you can tell that something is dripping from the Pita, that's Ghee! When I pulled them from the oven I brushed Ghee on them since it wouldn't be overpowering like Olive Oil.