What can I say? I miss Paris. In Paris (and all over France) you can get  something called the Tart au Pomme (Apple Tart) that has slices of apple fanfolded around a tart with a shiny glaze on them. Even the worst one picked up at Monoprix (think mini Fred Meyers) is very good. I didn't decide to make an Apple tart this week nor did I decide to make a pear tart until we had a BBQ and one of our guests brought a really large bottle of Chardonnay. We know from the past that pears poach really nice in Chardonnay so I started thinking about a tart made of them. I searched for recipes and found one with a frangipane filling and poached pears laying on top. This looked nice so I poached the pears and made my crust last night. Tonight I cooked the crust (too much), made homemade apple jelly for glaze and cooked the tart tonight.

The Frangipane is made from Almonds, eggs and creme. The pears (d'anjour) are poached in the aforementioned Chardonnay along with lemon juice, lemon rind, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns then glazed with melted apple jelly.