I'm not sure what was going on but a local store had London Broil for about $1.88 per pound so I bought some even though I don't care for it much. I figure with enough massaging I could use it for something. I can't really afford to buy lamb right now so I decided to use the London Broil in place of lamb in making Souvlaki. The beef got cubed then marinated with olive oil, lemon juice, Cabernet Sauvignon,garlic, oregano, salt and crushed pepper. The cubes of beef were threaded with onions, cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers on skewers and broiled. At 145 degrees it wasn't too tough to eat but a few pieces went over 150 and they got really chewy.

To go with it we made Chelo which is nice (especially if you like the flavor of butter). I know I'm mixing cultures by doing souvlaki and chelo but I think I can still sleep at night. I finally found a use for my Al-Clad Ltd sauce pan - making Chelo! I bought the pan and haven't really ever used it. Primarily because the sides are really low and well, Al-Clad makes the worst handles of any company in the world. I'm not sure why they do that. They ruin great performing cookware buy attaching a handle that has two really sharp pressure points on the wrist. Have they every tried to use them or are they just for looks? OK, I'm ranting about Al-Clad which isn't a good thing. It's just that they make really nice stuff and have really bad handles. Thankfully this Al-Clad pan (known from this day forward as my Chelo pan) is really small so it's not much of a problem. I have a single egg skillet that's also Al-Clad and works well because of it's size. My double boiler is Al-Clad but has two handles so it's OK. Al-Clad are you listening? It's just not me either, I was in Sur La Table and the guy selling a customer pans said "you might consider Calphalon if the handle bothers you". A-hah! The handles do suck. Ok I'm done ranting. For the purpose my Al-Clad pan makes Chelo fine so I guess I'll be keeping it.