It's been a long time coming but I've gotten the recipe module back online. There's only one recipe there which is pizza dough. I'll get the other recipes uploaded when I get time. I'm using a Joomla! component called Gary's Cookbook and don't really care for it much but don't have time to hack out the 20,000 or so lines of code or rewrite Gary's Cookbook (which is under the GPL license so I legally could) so for the time being I'll just deal with it.

I will only be uploading recipes that I am at least 80% satisfied with. If a recipe that you know I cook isn't up there it's because I don't yet like it so you probably shouldn't waste your time in asking for it. I will try to post a note at the bottom letting you know if I think it's done yet. It takes a lot for me to be satisfied so most are in various stages of completion.

For those of you that are seeing this via Facebooks feed the URL for the recipebook is