Ah, Mole Rojo! Probably my favorite Mexican dish is Pollo en Mole but it's REALLY hard to find a restaurant that can make it. I know of three Mexican restaurants in all of Seattle (and there are a lot) that make a decent Mole. La Carte De Oaxaca in Ballard makes an excellent Mole Negro, Fridas in Mill Creek makes a decent Mole Pablano and Todo in Lynnwood makes a decent Molo Pablano. There used to be a restaurant in South Everett called El Pechugon that made a decent Mole Pablano. The problem with mole is you don't eat it all the time and it's a long process to make. Mole Negro has up to 40 ingredients! Because of my love for mole and the rarity of good mole in restaurants I've tried to make it a few times. In Mexican tiendas there are mole pastes and I've tried them all. I've even brought mole paste back from Oaxaca and it was so so. There was a new brand (Teololepan Mole Rojo) in the stores so I decided to try it. The instructions go something like this - "Disolve paste in pan, add broth and chicken before frying". Not very helpful so I disolved the paste in chicken broth and the taste was way way off. Very bitter so I started to add flavor with my many Mole Rojo recipes. And after recreating the entire paste short of the peppers and chocolate I ended up with something that wasn't offensive but I'm not sure I saved any time and I definately didn't create a mole that I'd eat if I had a choice. I think next time I'll just take the day (because it really does need a whole day) and make it from scratch. That would probably be a great time to make tamalles too as Natalya has been wanting them and you basically need to mark a day off the calender for them as well.