I love pizza more than most things but I rarely eat it in Seattle. You'd think we were the pizza masters here based on the number of local pizza joints but in reality none of it's very good in my opinion. Pizza restaurants are opening at an alarming rate (5 new ones in Ballard this year) but they just keep churning out the same old crap. We were in the mood to eat great pizza so we had no other choice but to make it ourself. A lot of flour and water, a few pears, a bottle of South African chardonnay, a round of chevre, some cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and we're on our way. I didn't take pictures this time so I stole a photo from the last time I made this.







We also made some BBQ chicken pizzas which also didn't take a picture of. We used a Mozzerella, Provolone and Parmesian cheese blend with chicken and BBQ sauce augmented with carmelized red onion and cilantro. I also didn't take pictures of these pizzas either because we've done this before. The photo shown is from the last time when I used Smoked Gouda instead of the cheese blend.