I was having weird issues with my recipe book not showing up and then it migrated to my Food blog. The result was that I'd get an error 404 whenever I tried to access it. Fearing muck in my database I started cleaning house and removed massive amounts of tables and records left there by components and modules that I no longer use. I also fixed a bunch of bugs associated with more than on category having the same link. You may have noticed it when you clicked on Photography Blog and got something completely different (or Food Blog). Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. All of that is fixed now and the database is much leaner.

However, I've introduced something new that I don't understand. Guests can view the Food Blog just fine but if you're logged in you'll get an error 404. This makes no sense whatsoever. I'll try to track it down later. Also the food blog refuses to order articles by date. Sometimes I think I need to install Joomla from scratch and start over but I have way too much stuff here to do that.