This is our first day in Oaxaca. Our hotel is about 11 blocks from the Zocolo which is a bit of a walk but gets us more familiar with the city. It also gives us an opportunity to walk past many brightly colored buildings and markets. The hotel itself has the rooms around the outside of an open courtyard full of jungle trees and a library. It is two story and has an open terrace on the top which is beautiful. This would be a great place to go and just relax. We met a man that does just that. He is from Maine and comes to Oaxaca every year for 5 weeks just to get away from it all. He said he used to rush around like an American trying to see everything but now he just goes to Oaxaca, eats breakfast and wanders around. That´s a vacation.


Anyway we spent the day wandering around Oaxaca getting lost. We found the market and the prices are just as good here as in Mexico City. I keep wanting to take pictures of these people because they are very beautiful. Actually the women are and maybe the men are but being a man I can´t tell. They have long slender noses and nicely proportioned faces. I bought a post card to keep that has some dancing Oaxacan women on it. Anyway I may have gotten some pictures that are good, we´ll see.