I'll be bringing the site down later to switch to FiOS. This is a trial to see if it's worth the extra $10/month over Comcast cable. Currently my Comcast download speed is 30 Mb/sec and upload maxes at 6 Mb/sec which is pretty fast. The FiOS connection I just had installed is 25Mb/sec download and up to 15 Mb/sec upload. The download speeds on both are predictable and consistant, the upload speeds are not. I'm not sure why this is but they range from 1 MB/sec to 15 Mb/sec. I'm not sure why this is which is why I'm doing the trial. So far dealing with Verizon has been nothing but lies but what did I expect? Companies don't just change unless their forced.

The reps said I could try it for two weeks and if I didn't like it I could cancel for free.The salesperson that called to confirm the installation appointment says this isn't correct, I can try it for two weeks and I pay for what I use. I've googled and found people stiffed with the Free Installation that turned to a pay installation when they canceled. We'll see. They also said I can move the router to any coax connection in the house which doesn't appear to be true either.