It looks like the Freemantle version of maemo that the new n900 is using is much nicer and more finger friendly than the Diablo that I'm running on my n800. As much as I like Linux I've always thought that the Bora/Chinook/Diablo line of the Maemo OS were very crude and not always stable. It's funny that when I got my n800 I thought it had the slickest wifi and bluetooth configuration of any Linux OS but now times have marched on and my frequent lockups and applications that don't work have gotten on my nerves. Granted I'm using my n800 for way more than what it was designed for. Also Nokia has never been serious about the Maemo devices. It's largely been a community run project with Nokia making the hardware. The freemantle OS and n900 seem to be a break from that trend. I predict (and you can quote me) that at some point Nokia will be making more Linux devices than Symbian.