All of the days are blurring so I think this is day 4, maybe 5. I´m behind on writing the blog entries because I don´t always have internet access. I started writing them on my laptop but I rarely get to connect it to the internet.

Today we went to Teotihaucan which is where the big pyrimids are. We made it to the north bus station as early as we could. When we left the hotel it was still dark. I was originally a bit uneasy about this but the only people we saw outside were businessmen going to work and shoe shiners sitting at their stands. The metro was empty so it was easy to travel. We had to make 3 transfers before we got to the station. The bus stations are quite large and layed out like airports. After asking someone where the teotihaucan bus is we found the little booth that sells it. We bought our tickets and waited in the lobby. I kept looking at the busses and none of them said Teotihaucan but a tall Mexican guy (The ONE tall mexican) came up to me and said I think your bus is here so we followed him. He was traveling with a white girl. On the bus I thanked him and started to talk to the two of them. She (the tomato as he called her since she was badly sunburned) was from Germany but spoke perfect South African english.

He was Mexican but had lived in Germany and Washington DC as his father(?) was in the marines. We basically spent the day with them which worked out well as we had a native Mexican guide.

We got to the pyramids and I have to say that Mexico is the best kept archealogical secret in the entire world. These pyramids are huge and in great shape. We wandered around the rich peoples complex (more later when I have time and pictures up) then climbed the Sun pyramid which is the largest. Jade said he didn´t want to go but after starting to climb he liked it. We haven´t had decent breakfast since we´ve been here so all of us were low on energy especially Piper so it was slow going. Some sections of the Sun pyramid are quite steep and you need to hold onto a rope to climb it. We got to the top where the view is wonderful. It´s just crazy that there was a city here that was larger in size than Imperial Rome and had 200,000 people 1600 years ago. It was at it´s peak about the time that the Roman Empire was shrinking. There were social classes here, merchants, store owners, plumbing, markets and everything. There is one palace (quetzel butterfly) that still has beautiful murals and carvings on it. These people were here way before the Aztecs but a lot of people get them confused for the Aztecs. The people were completely gone by the time Aztecs got to Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs thought the Gods built the pyramids. Anyway I also found out why the pictures on the internet are so poor. The sky is hazy and the sun is so strong that the shadows are very very dark. It´s hard to take decent pictures here so I´m experimenting with over/under exposing them. Anyway we all got decent burns except for Jade and the tomato is redder than she started even though she spent the day applying sunblock. I bought a book here and jewed (Can I say that?) him down from 230 pesos to 180. The Mexican guys nickname was Pollo (chicken) and found the right bus back which we probably would have missed. After getting back we spent the rest of the day just resting.