A great "preview" of the forthcoming Nokia n900 has been posted at my-symbian.com. I say preview with quotes because after you finally get to the bottom of the page you'll reallize there's 3 more!

I've been using a Nokia n800 for several years as many of you know. I've really liked it but have had reservations with recommending it to others. First, if you use only Nokia software it's a stable device but with the plethora of Linux apps out there who would do that? I sure didn't but in order to have room for everything I wanted to run I had to move the OS to the flash card so I'd have more room. After installing about 200 really unstable apps I finally got my list down to about 30 things I use and even then those things aren't completely stable. So my complaints about the n800 was size, maturity of the apps, worthless hardware buttons, size, bad connectivity (with wifi only) and size. You'll notice that I'm a bit unhappy with the size. This is why I'm posting this photo and a link to my-symbian.com's review of the Nokia n900. How it stacks up to the Nokia n800 and iphone 3GS. -



  n800 n900 iphone
CPU 400 mhz omap2411 600 mgz core8 600 mhz core8
DSP Not used 430mhz 430 mhz
Not used PowerVR 430mhz PowerVR 430mhz
256MB (+64GB flash) 32GB (+16GB flash) 16/32GB
128MB 256MB w/500MB swap 256MB
640x480 5.1 MP 3.0 MP
640x480 848x480 640x480
Screen size
4.18" 3.5" 3.5"
Screen res 800x480 800x480 320x480
onscreen Slideout/onscreen onscreen
Wifi 54Mb 54Mb 54Mb
Cell Net none 10 Mb HSDPA 7.2 Mb HSDPA


It has 2x the CPU power (the same as the iphone and Pre), 2x the DSP power, 3d video acceleration chip (the same as the iphone), 32 GB of ram expandable to 48GB, a 5.1 MP camera that can record 400x480 video, hardware keyboard (take that iphone), sim card slot, removable battery (ouch iphone), full flash support and copy and paste. The last two were below the belt. For physical size -


  n800 n900 iphone
Length (mm) 144 111 115
Width (mm) 75 60 62
Thickness (mm) 18 18 12
Weight (g) 206 181 130
In case the numbers mean nothing to you here's a visual of the two Nokia tablets and the n900. I have
the one on the left which I currently carry everywhere and usually in my pocket. It will be so nice
to have a smaller device. From this angle the iphone 3GS will be nearly identical size.




First, if you use From a specs standpoint the n900 meets or beats the iphone 3GS in every category but we've seen this before. The beauty of the Apple device is how well it works. It's a very solid device that just works. The issues have always been a draconian apps store policy, no copy/paste, poor camers, no flash support and a few other choices that Apples made that makes no sense. In the Apple world everything they say goes.

The disadvantage to the Maemo devices has been the immaturity of the software and not enough control over their apps. Ironically that's exactly the opposite of Apples main issues. Maemo has always been Nokia's red headed step child of an OS but it looks like they've swung the other direction and even though they're not admitting it they may have just put Linux as their #1 and Symbian as #2. I will predict (and you heard it here first) that Symbian will be phased out. Nokia isn't dumb (like Palm) and doesn't want to lose it's 50% of the Smartphone market because of an aging OS. Nokia's purchase of QT also means that the next version of Maemo will be moved to QT and the GTK (Hildon) will most likely be dropped.