After spending 84 days sitting in a hospital I finally have the time to post. Actually I don't but at some point I need to post something anyway so here goes. One of my first chores as soon as I arrived home was to replace the broiler element in my oven. While roasting bell peppers in December some juice splattered up on it and the element turned into a welding rod. I kid you not the intensity of the "fire" was very similar to a welding rod and even burnt along the element until it broke clear through. I ordered a new one online for about $35 and it arrived around the first of the year and sat waiting for me. The other night I wanted to have Sweet Pepper Tortellini and that requires that I have a working broiler element so I took some time to put it in. It amounted to 5 very stubborn sheet metal screws and holding a wrench at a bad angle to get it in but once done it worked wonderfully. Even if I don't broil my oven seems to use both elements because the couple of times I tried to cook pizza in the oven while the broiler element was out the bottoms ended up scorched. With this new element I was able to roast peppers with the rack about 8 inches away which increases the likelyhood that it will survive. I may however, keep an extra one in the garage for such situations as this. I'm sure I'll blow it again roasting peppers or making steam for bread at some point.