As I build tools to help manage my clouds I will upload them here. So far I have three -, and

  1. is a wizard that creates XCP/Xenserver templates.
  2. lists XCP/Xenserver templates showing name-label and UUID sorted with colors. Optionally it shows the template description.
  3. lists XCP/Xenserver Virtual Machines including name, running state, UUID and it's host.

In each of these cases I needed this functionality in a nice easy to use command. I also wanted the output to be parsable if possible ie. it needed to be line oriented and each field separated by white space. 

There will be many more tools coming as I get time and I have needs. I'd love to have a tool that lists VM hardware (nics, disks, cds) in a nice manner, a tool to list disks and the srs they reside on with flags (rw etc..). Stay tuned.

The tools have been moved to github so the most convenient way to install them is to install git and do a git clone.

Intall Git on XCP -

Git clone - git clone