I've been working on ways of getting information to the XCP/Xenserver Admins eyes faster than the standard xe commandline tool provides. This tool - lshosts is a rewrite of lshostvms.sh which showed each host and how many running VMs were on it, something I often would like to know. While rewriting it to include some of the better structure of my newer tools I started adding features. Now it displays either the Host's name-label or UUID, the number of running VMs, the CPU type, CPU cores, CPU speed, Total Memory, Free Memory and Network backend type. 

As an added bonus I've added a -c option so the output is in CSV format. All future commands should have this option and I'll be retrofitting older commands when I get time.

Download it from the XCP Downloads section. http://grantmcwilliams.com/tech/virtualization/downloads/category/4-xen-cloud-platform