It rained like crazy friday night while we were eating dinner at a restaurant. When we returned we found that our roof was leaking but only in one small spot. That spot was exactly overtop my running laptop! After drying it out all day Saturday and this morning it tries to boot but makes all kinds of beeping sounds and Linux says there are tons of harddrive errors. I’m guessing the hard drive bit the dust at the very least. So this means I may not be uploading any more pictures before I come home. Thankfully this trip I brought an external harddrive that I backed up all my pictures on as well as uploading half of them here. I also have them a third time on flash cards in a waterproof case. Do you think I’ve lost data before???

I told the owners and they’ve appologized and are fixing the roof tomorrow and brought by cookies. That doesn’t make this trip any cheaper for me beause this week has now cost me $2000 if I have to replace my laptop. I may just buy a harddrive and see if that works. It’s a little ipod style harddrive and a 60 Gig costs $175 so it’s still not cheap. Anyway there will be more blog entries but maybe not pictures. I’m copying all of my pictures off of flash cards onto my USB harddrive so I have them in two places.