The Man, The Myth, The Legend has been online for more than 12 years now. In that time we've updated our content management system 132 times! We've migrated databases 4 times, moved to blogging systems that I eventually jettisoned and had an embedded external Photo Gallery website which eventually got replaced as well. We had content construction kits, content organizers, plugins, modules and components that got replaced.

During those 12 years we've written 562 articles, uploaded 10,000 photos (gave or take a few) and had over 7 million visitors. In that time we've also spun off some of the content into other complete websites as needs dictated.

You don't start a site like this with the complete design in your mind. You also might not be as disciplined in the beginning in how you organize content and manage naming conventions. With this in mind I'm trying to do more cleanup as the old cruft is no longer manageable.

What this means to you is that there will be broken images in articles. Most of these should be in old blog posts. I'll try to find them but due to my performance enhancing cache and content delivery network they may be hidden from me. If you see a broken link please let me know.

Thanks in advance.