We up late and missed breakfast so we decided to split off and Jade and I would walk to TAME and get the plane tickets and Mo and Natalya would head for the internet where we would meet up with them. We got to the TAME office and like true Americans we forgot that the rest of the world takes really long lunches so we had an hour and a half to wait so after picking up a hotdog we headed back across the river to the internet cafe and met up with the others. After rejoining we needed to kill time so we headed for the little Zoo inside a building that had mysterious and strange creatures of Ecuador. It's a little shop run bimg_0833y a guy and what appeared to be his daughter. They had the ugliest looking turtle in the world (matamata turtle) as well as an Anaconda skin, a Crocodile and a bunch of fish including Piranhas. The only thing separating the crocodile and us was a small bridge about 2 feet off the ground. He didn't look interested in us and actually looked very depressed as he had about 20 feet of room to move in is all. Mo spent most of her time freaked out because we went in a section where the lights were all off and our 15 year old guide had a flashlight.

After leaving we walked along the river until we came to the stairs up to our street. These stairs get quite a lot of traffic because they link the business side of the river to the University side of the street so we sat on the stairs for about 30 minutes to kill more time. People kept looking at us as if we were aliens from outer space because we were sitting on the stairs. Apparently if you're not homeless or you aren't trying to sell hippy necklaces you don't sit on the stairs. Since Jade and I had eaten hot dogs for breakfast we headed back to TAME and Mo and Natalya headed for Cafe Blue again where we'd meet up with them when we got the tickets.

Getting tickets proved to be easy and on the way back we dropped them at the hostel. We had dropped laundry off and it was about time to go pick it up so we headed off to pick it up. It wasn't done yet but they said in 30 minutes it would be so we headed to get ice cream. We got back about 15 minutes late and it still wasn't done so we waited. Another 30 minutes went by and we finally had laundry. It was too late to go to Banos so we postponed it yet again much to Jade's disapointment. About 5 minutes after getting to our Hostel the lady from the laundry showed up saying that we had something that wasn't ours so we dug through our laundry and found what she was looking for and was off. It's amazing how much communication gets done without either party speaking the other's language.