Ok, so my site did work. I’m making massive underlying changes to the site so expect it to be messed up for a while. I’m getting too much stuff in the left menu and it’s getting messy so I’ve got this idea that I should have tabs along the top for each major category like Photography, travel etc… When you click on a tab the menu on the left changes according to what you clicked on. That way it’s like 5 separate websites in one. I can even have separate themes per section etc… The problem is that bridges don’t respect this - meaning that if I have the gallery2 or Wordpress embedded in the site via a bridge component their menus either show up all the time or never making it difficult to have a context sensitive website. I’m resolving part of the problem by getting rid of Wordpress. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Joomla and I think I can do virtually everything with Joomla that I was doing with Wordpress outside of one post in multiple categories. I’ll use feedburner for the main RSS feed (and maybe the others) and an RSS module to provide a feed for each category. My comment module provides RSS feeds for comments and it has ping back support too. So it seems like I will be able to use Joomla for blogging.

The last problem is Gallery2. I’ve been wanting to get rid of it but to be honest all the other gallerys for Joomla stink unless I go with another bridge so I think I’ll field the question in the gallery forums on how to get it to work better with Joomla. Maybe I’ll hack on the code some. The bridge needs to be updated too so maybe I’ll see what I can do about that.