Crablegs and Chedder Bay biscuits

You can always tell when I'm getting busy because the posts to my food blog get less frequent. There's another reason for the infrequency as well - practice. If I cook the same thing 5 times I'm not going to post that I cooked it 5 times. That would get very boring...

So we went to H-Mart our local Asian grocery and they had Snow Crab legs on sale for $4.99/lb so we picked up some. I'm almost ashamed to say that about once a year I go to Red Lobster. To give myself some credit though I don't eat the pastas so weighed down with cheese that you can't recognize it or the shrimp with so much breading on them that you can't actually prove their shrimp. When I go I eat Snow Crab and Chedder Bay Biscuits. I'm sure the bisquits don't quite fit into the fine food category but they're really quite good. The snow crab went in the steamer and Natalya melted some butter and added a dash of salt and some lemon juice. The biscuits are from the recipe online that is NOT exactly the same as Red Lobster's but close. I'd say it's about 80% similar and with some modifications to spices I think I can nail it in a time or two. Anyway an entire crab dinner and chedder bay biscuits for $10 for 4 people.


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