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Today it’s been thundering and it looks like it’s going to rain so we’ve put off Lake Bled and have decided to go to something called BTC City which is a monster Shopping Mall/water park. We take a city bus to what appears to be a factory outlet mall because most everything is seperated by store. It’s not a very pretty place and not well organised either. It looks like a developer bought some land and convinced a bunch of single stores to build on plots without much more thought going into it. Since I’ve been here I’ve been wanting to get some contact solution because I was almost out. We never seen eye care products in grocery stores so we visited the drug store. Nobody spoke english so I did charades to communicate that I had contacts and they pointed me to an eyeglasses store since they didn’t carry eye care products. Who ever heard of a drugstore not having contact solution? Anyway we go there and find a lady who speaks a bit of english. They do have saline and it’s only 15 Euros a bottle. Um, that’s about $20 a bottle for something I pay $5 at home for. I buy the smallest bottle. We also find a real grocery store and buy Jade some cereal. We lunch on Burek. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Burek before but it’s the Croatian/Slovenian fast food. It’s this heavy pastry with stuff in it like meat or cheese. They either come in a quiche looking pie or a sausage shaped tube that’s coiled up. It’s actually very good and very hearty. I couldn’t eat a whole burek and they cost about $2.50. I’m exhausted after only 1 hr of shopping so we buy some cantelope (melone) and honeydew (white melone) and return home. I met a nice girl at the bus stop who needed change. I asked her why some people spoke perfect english and some don’t know a single word. She explained that they choose either German or English in school so either they can speak Slovenian and German or Slovenian and English. If I haven’t mentioned this before Slovenian is not the same language as Croatian. Come to find out she’s from Brazil and speaks Portuguese, Slovenian, English and some Spanish and is in Slovenia studying to be a vet.